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For groups of children

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For whom? And what is a playgroup psychodrama/theatre-therapy for children?
For whom?
If your child is: shy, inhibited or has social anxiety but also children wit agression, distractibility, uninhibted are welcome to the playgroup psychodrama. Some children have maybe symptomes of ADHD, ASS or attachment problems, they can come two times in individual therapy and then we will see which psychodramagroup is the best for your child.

•Playgroup theatre-therapy Munda: if your child is solving social problems by theatre it will get self-esteem!
Playgroup theatre-therapy Munda is training social skills and your child thinks it’s  great fun!

What is a playgroup psychodrama/theatre-therapy?
Psychodrama for children is a group therapy for kids between the ages of 4 and 12. Psychodrama is a child-friendly and playful method that is suitable for a wide variety of children.
Once a week, four to six children about the same age, come together for one hour to play under the guidance of two therapists who are also actors. Every child wants to belong somewhere and friendships with other children gives a feeling of safety. Some children withdraw and feel inhibited from interacting with their peers. Other children show pressure or aggressive behaviour in the group causing them to be left out or ostracised from the group. Psychodrama for children in the group gives children one communal sense of belonging in which they will work together and help each other through symbolic play. The group with higly trained therapists and theatre-actors is working like a good big mother which repairs wounds and inadequaat behavior of your child. In the joint play, children start to connect more with themselves and others through creative and spontaneous expression. They will also discover sources of strength in themselves. Through this specialised form of play, guided by and occasional intervened by the therapists, children realise new alternatives for their behaviour. Each week, the children come up with new roles and develop one cohesive story and a group theme. Each child can add their own personal problem or conflict to this group theme.

We offer groups for children from 4-5; 5-6; 7-8; years old and from 8 till 9 years and 10-12 years old.  We offer a group for children 9-11 years starting saturdaymorning 11 november 2023 till june 2024
Where and when:
In Amsterdam-Center Weteringschans 74 in Ita Wegmanhuis at friday afternoon 4 years old 15.55-17.00

In Amsterdam-West Kinkerbuurt (Borgerstraat 102) at saturdaymorning: 10.00-11.00 5-6 years old
saturdaymorning: 12.00-13.00 9-11 years old

Some places free for 4 years old, en 5-6 jaar en 8-9 plus 9-10 jaar. You can still join the group. There are still some free places!

Playgroup psychodrama fridayafternoon starts 18 november 2022: 14.30-15.30 (7-8 jaar). 

Playgroup psychodrama fridayafternoon starts 18 november 2022: 15.30-16.30 (8-10 jaar).

In the autumn holiday there is no playgroup psychodrama for children. Your child is supposed to attend the course every week cause this is a group process. But we are free on holidays. The groups are starting again after Christmas-holiday.

New playgroups psychodrama are starting every year in february, april, september and november, Anytime you can ask if your child can drop in, this depends on your child.
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As we know, children play and that is the way they express themselves, develop and have fun. By playing they express their inner world. When children play together in psychodrama in fantasy roles of their own, they investigate their relationship with themselves and others. They explore their inner images and inner conflicts by playing them out with exceptional creativity.
Treatments, interventions and reimbursements
The Psychodrama group gives children the ability to play out inner conflicts in a jointly shared playing field through symbolic theatreplay that is led by two therapists and actors. While playing, children come to new alternatives for their behaviour with the supervision and encouragement of the group leaders. This new behavioural experience leads to a profound change in the self-awareness of the child. The relationships that children enter into with their peers in a psychodrama group provides an additional resource for self-development.

Children will heal through special interventions made by two therapists during the play. Remote, uncertain children will become more vivid and expressive. Children with social anxiety become more happy in te group, children with selective mutism aere starting to speak after 10 sessions. They all will develop great selfconfidence and while healing they have the feeling they are playing theatre!
Impulsive, agressive children will discover that they sometimes take a pause, loving a bit of the silence, they learn first to think about a plan in the theatreplay and then are acting and that it is nice to share and love themselves and other children more.
In the groups with younger children a lot of them are taking time to be a baby-animal in  in the farm cause they love it to be a baby again, getting care from the therapist playing a day on the farm makes them happy and later they develop caracters where they showing their powers and identity. The therapists/actors are admiring their qualities in the roles they choose and they grow and develop self-esteem in a natural way. For children it's great fun to come to us. It's the best present you can give your child!

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