Building connection with children and parents

Love and trust lead to a healthy attachment. Every parent wants to give love, but sometimes it is not possible due to stress at work, illness of the parents or divorce. It is also possible that your child was unable to receive the love you gave due to various child factors. Love leads to a healthy attachment of the child with his own body and with the parents. As the bond becomes healthier, your child's unique life path can unfold better. My role is to help you with that. Her university studies in behavioral sciences helped her to remain curious about different perspectives or truth spaces regarding change and development in people and society.

Munda is a university educated researcher (MSc). and is entitled to use the Brandname Playtherapy

Munda van Langen is entitled to use the Brandname Playtherapy and she has a Master of Science in Social and Behaviorial Sciences. She did qualitative research and she is also entitled to bear the title drs.
She obtained her university degree from the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. Her courses included Cultural Anthropology and Sociology of Non-Western Societies, with a minor in Psychology, focusing on the fact that people live in a system, a (family system) and a (sub)culture. As a qualitative researcher she immersed herself in assessment processes in committees of theater professionals. In the eighties of the last century she started as a psychiatric nurse at the Psychiatric Hospital Santpoort-Zuid and considered becoming a psychiatrist. After working and studying in this clinic for some time, she consciously started looking for holistic methods to be able to help clients preventively at an earlier stage and to work preventively through psycho-education and lifestyle so that clients feel better at home in their own body and in this world. She then worked for a period in a healing-pedagogical institution for children "Het Raphaelhuis" in Bergen. There she realized that a healing, holistic education can playfully arise in the healthy relationship between parents, child and school when a connection is sought with the child and its developmental phases.Munda has done also several courses and trainings in psychodrama grouptherapy for children, positive psychology, voice dialogue, rebirthing therapyfor adults, preventive and therapeutic work with children and adults throughplay, improvisation, drama. The anthroposophical health care and the exercisesfrom the book "How to obtain consciousness in higher areas" (Steiner,1904) were a source of inspiration.

Always creating a comfortable environment for parents and children.

Munda has been working with children for more than 30 years at various institutions: free school, community theater with drama-therapeutic support, elementary school (nursery and primary education), secondary schools, theater schools, community theater with parents and children, outdoor art and summer school, play therapist at special elementary school and for refugees.

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